Monday, December 3, 2012

My Mark On The World

Wow.  It's Monday, and it's another blog post from ME!  Unbelievable.  

I wanted to post my most recent project for Nuts About Sketches.  I haven't been very faithful to Shawn on this blog - neglecting to put my DT work up here.  She's got my gallery linked on the NAS site, so it's not been too big a deal.  And besides, I know that this blog doesn't see a whole lot of traffic, so I've not been too concerned about it. 

But I think, now that I'll have Paper Mixing Bowl duties starting in January, I'd best get IN the habit of dropping my projects here, and probably doing a little more in the way of photographing them instead of just "point and shoot and upload." 

Here's Sketch #242

And here's what I did with it.  

The papers are Prima's Almanac Collection.  The little crochet fan came from Mandy Harrell's etsy shop.  

I took the little fan apart and put my own handmade floral on it so it would match my page a little better.  Then I created a sort of vine of similar buds with some floral wire and stuck them in behind the fan.  

The right hand photo has some text work done on the bricks - nothing amazing, just an invisible text box and some black text before printing.  

Thanks for taking a stop by.   I'd love to hear comments - the crickets are chirping pretty loud in the room here.  

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