Monday, April 16, 2012


My most recent layout, titled "Temptation" was selected as a Featured Artist project at Let's Get Sketchy!  I was so surprised and so honored to have my little project recognized...but it was easy to create something pretty with the fabulous sketch that Let's Get Sketchy gave me to work with.

I had so much fun, I pulled the Sketch #7 down and have the beginnings of an idea for my next project.

I love this hobby.  It feeds my need to be creative while at the same time giving me a way to archive my family photos and memories.

Here's my Temptation Project.

The dog's name was Blitz, and he belonged to my father before my dad and mom ever met.

Daddy was a Captain in the Marine Corps, and he made sure that Blitz exercised self-discipline and esprit-de-corps as well as any boot camp private you'd ever meet.  That egg on the ground was as safe as if it had been in Fort Knox.  My dad was the one behind the camera and he told Blitz, "leave it."  That was the end of the discussion, even if the temptation was too much to bear.  

Poor Blitz.  It must have been hard being stripped of his rank as "man's best friend" and demoted to "the family dog."  Whenever Daddy was around, Blitz became man of the house, a job which he took on with his entire heart, and a job which frequently put him at odds with the milkman, the postman, and the preacher...  When he bit one of my uncle's friends who had come to visit Bill, that was the end of Blitz's time as our family dog.  My dad found a single Marine in his squadron who was willing to take Blitz and give him a good home.  ... in Okinawa.  I know Daddy was sad to see him go

We owned two other German Shepherds during the time I was growing up- but neither of them came close to Blitz in Daddy's heart.  He still mentions Blitzie from time to time - and he always smiles when his name comes up in conversation.