Sunday, August 9, 2015

Project "Finish"

Back in 2008, I discovered Tim Holtz and his 12-days of Christmas project.  I was relatively new to crafting technique, and silly of me, but I thought that I could catch up and join the fun.  Little did I know that I was embarking on a whole new level of obsessive behavior.  

I managed to get all of the 2007 tags done and was working what I hoped was "back toward front," one new tag, one old one.  Things went along ok - until 2010 when Tim put this little goodie out there. I flipped out.  I didn't own any die cuts, and didn't know anyone else who was doing this little project.  I was shattered.  

So I put my project away and went on with my life - but I was not really satisfied with my "almost" done project.  I hung the tags that I had completed on a garland over my hallway entry and everyone who came in my house that Christmas commented on it.  All I could see was "it's not done…"  So I started adding Alterations dies to my stash - just one here and there, as I had a little money and as I found them on sale.  

I've learned that as long as Tim is alive there will be something new to want and something new to add and new techniques to learn, so I've decided that I'm going to finish what I started and get these last tags done.  There aren't many left - I think 9 of the originals from 2010 is all.  

Tim changed the plan in 2012, and now he does a tag a month, and they aren't all Christmas tags.  But the techniques are still fun, and as long as I have all this stuff, it seems silly not to continue.  This month I altered the August tag and managed to create a Christmas spin on the techniques Tim was teaching.  So maybe ~ AFTER I finish my original project ~ I'll continue on the journey.  

I'm really happy to have this tag done.  It's been a huge roadblock in my mind, and getting it into the "done pile" is a major win for me.  

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Christmas In August

Hello blogging world!  Bet you're surprised to hear from me, huh?  It's hard to believe that I haven't updated this blog in so long, but sometimes real life just gets in the way of the virtual one.  In my case, it's been REALLY in the way.  But that's a story for another day.

Today, I want to talk about tags. Specifically Tim Holtz and his 12 tags annual project.  Those of you who know me know that I embarked on the journey of finishing all five years of the Christmas tags, and while I'm not done yet (close though) - it occurred to me that it might be fun to see if I could put a Christmas spin on his tag of the month for this month.  Here's the link to Tim's project … 

And here's my spin on it.  

I love Tim's creative brain, and I really love how simple he makes everything seem.  His techniques aren't really complicated, his instructions are super easy to follow, and he encourages you to use the supplies you have and gives you an opportunity each month to try out a new product or technique. 

I used my Christmas Holiday Words Die to create the die cut background, and then backed it with some Merry Christmas word paper that I had lying around in my stash.  I think I may have found a new favorite product - this Multi-Matte Medium is pretty amazing stuff!  It was a snap to use and the drying time was really amazing.  I expected to have to wait for it to set up for hours,  but just a matter of minutes and it was ready to go.  

I inked up with Forest Moss, Peeled Paint, and Pine Needles Distress Inks.  The Distress Ink palettes are really such a super line - the colors are rich and vibrant and so vintage it's hard to pick a favorite!  

I am blessed to have a whole stack of vintage Christmas cards dating back to the 60's - thanks to my grandparents' saving habits.  I used the multi-matte medium to adhere the Santa image from one of those cards to some white card stock, then fussy cut and adhered him to the tag with more medium.   The Book came from and old K&Co Yuletide package that's in my 12-tags stash drawer - adhered with more Multi-Matte Medium.  Same with the cut out words.  

I went with Walnut Stain Distress Pen and Ink instead of the Black Soot to finish the edges.  The brown just seemed a bit softer for what I was trying to accomplish here.  

The holly is an old Kaisercraft product, the red buttons are from my vintage button box, and the alphabet stamp is from StampinUp.

I'm really happy with how this little tag turned out.  I'm planning to add it to my Christmas Tag Garland - which is probably going to have to have another panel put in this year.   Thanks for peeking in on my little project.  This was kind of fun, this getting back to my virtual world.  Maybe I'll do this again soon.   I'm going to finish the Christmas Tag project this year for sure!  I'm on a roll!   

Friday, April 19, 2013

Sunrise Series - Updating!

It's not QUITE an epic fail.  The photos have been happening, but the posting has been neglected.  I swear going back to work full time has been a bigger adjustment than I realized.  I'm still struggling with figuring out how to get everything done in a day...and the school year is almost over, so it's almost a moot point! 

Anyway - I finally slogged through my photo disks and made my selections, so here they are - oldest at the bottom, newest at the top.  

And I promise to try to do better!  

Sunrise Week 15
April 12, 2013

Sunrise Week 14
March 31, 2013

Sunrise Week 13
March 27, 2013

Sunrise Week 12
March 19, 2013

Sunrise Week 11
March 12, 2013