Monday, December 10, 2012


The word harmony originates in a pair of old Greek words - one a noun that defines a joint agreement, the other a verb that means to fit or join together. 

Normally, when we think of harmony, we think of the way music sounds - of contrasted notes and vertical progressions - one higher, one lower - blending together to create a single element of beautiful sound.  The melodies may be different, but the music that the contrasting notes follow along their separate paths fits together in a perfect way. 

I can think of no better way to describe my parents relationship.  They are very different people, my mom and my dad, but they complement one another in a way that fits together in a beautiful example of what a marriage should be. 

The church my parents attend updates the church photo directory every couple of years.  This year was an update year, so I have this wonderful photo.  They'll celebrate their 57th anniversary this year. 

Mom, Dad, this one is for you.  I love you both! 


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Andrea Slee said...

What a great photo and beautiful page!!I love all the clocks and distressing!57 years together is quite an accomplishment!