Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bee Sweet

I almost titled this layout, "Life In A Box."

Last Christmas, Mom and Dad gave us a big screen television.  I'm not sure who was more excited - Amy or Tom, but both of them got busy with getting it installed on the wall.  True to her nature, Amy had as much fun with the box, and at one point actually crawled into it, sat down, and said,"Mom, take my picture."  It's not often you get an opportunity like that handed to you, so I happily snapped away.  She's so photogenic! 

I participate in a challenge on Scrapbook dot com called, "Ugly Papers."  It's hilarious fun.  

Basically you choose the ugliest two papers you can find from your stash, and you send them to the person whose name you receive from the hostess.  Then you forget you were so mean.  A few days later, you get a package in the mail, and you're all excited because - well, duh, it's MAIL.  And you open it and you find two of the ugliest papers someone ELSE could find in THEIR stash and they sent them to YOU.  Then you get to create a layout using both of the papers.  

My uglies this time were the grey and orange polka dot, which I cut into a big label die, and this horrible floral print, which I turned into the two flowers in the lower left corner.  I think it turned out pretty ok! 

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